What does good page experience mean in Google Search Console?

In Google Search Console, “page experience” refers to the way that users interact with a webpage. Google has identified several factors that can contribute to a good page experience, including:

  1. Mobile-friendliness: This refers to the ease with which a webpage can be used on a mobile device.
  2. Safe browsing: This refers to the protection of users from malicious content, such as malware and phishing attacks.
  3. HTTPS security: This refers to the use of a secure, encrypted connection to protect the privacy of users when they visit a webpage.
  4. No intrusive interstitials: This refers to the use of pop-ups and other types of overlays that can be disruptive to the user experience.
  5. Good loading speed: This refers to the amount of time it takes for a webpage to load and become usable for the user.

Google has stated that it will begin using these factors as ranking signals in its search algorithm in 2021. This means that websites with good page experience are more likely to rank higher in Google’s search results.

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