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    What is Google Retargeting Ad Services?

    Google remarketing technology helps in following potential customers when they are searching for certain products or services on the internet. When they visit a website, a code snippet or remarketing code is added by the website to the remarketing list. Such codes act as trackers and cause the visitors to return to websites by showing them relevant ads often, so their chances of conversion increase.

    Why does your business need Google Retargeting Ad Services?

    Google retargeting ads are enticing posts which cause the visitors to return to the website while they are browsing some website or related items in the search engine. A brand needs this to keep products alive in the minds of visitors, so whenever they need it, the brand would be the first one they would think of.

    Our strategy toward building your Google Retargeting Ads Digital Opulent's strategy for retargeting ads is as follows:

    Select Right Bidding Strategy

    Using bid strategies which optimize conversions

    Identify The Target Segment

    Target similar segments and use dynamic remarketing.

    Target Users Who Listed The Item to Cart

    cusing to re-engage the visitors who had earlier abandoned the shopping carts.

    Reach Existing Customers

    Cross-selling or upselling the products to the current customers. Also, reaching the customers again after a certain period once the purchase is completed.

    Target Users Via Responsive ads

    Tailoring the ads as per the chosen audience segments with the use of responsive display ads and bidding on the ads which have a high probability of conversion.

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    Statistics related to Google Retargeting Ads Some of the interesting statistics related to Google retargeting ads are as follows:


    70% of marketers opt for retargeting to promote brand awareness.


    Retargeting along with other advertising tools enhances sales by 50%.


    In 27% of the eCommerce cases, retargeting is used.

    Why DigitalOpulent for Google Retargeting Ad Services? Choosing the right Google retargeting ad services firm can lead to significant improvement in sales by making the potential leads purchase a product or service.

    Here are the reasons to opt for Digital Opulent’s retargeting ad services:

    1. Research the performance of current marketing efforts to identify the lacuna.
    2. Thoroughly understand the business goals and target audience to accordingly make strategies for retargeting.
    3. Ability to drive sales through impactful targeting ads.
    4. Our team of marketing experts have a wide portfolio of helping various small and large scale businesses to reach their sales target through retargeting.

    Statistics related to Google Retargeting Ads Apart from Google retargeting ads, additional services are offered by Digital Opulent.

    YouTube Ads

    It is a way of advertising the video content so that the search results cause the video to reach maximum users. This can show up on YouTube or Google search results.

    eCommerce Marketing

    The practice of using promotional tactics for driving traffic to an online store, converting them into customers and retaining them, in the long run, is known as eCommerce marketing.

    Google Shopping Ads

    These are ads featuring detailed information related to certain products which have to be sold.
    It requires setting up the product information in the Google merchant centre and creating shopping campaigns in the Google ads.

    Amazon Marketing

    The use of a high runner strategy for marketing the products is known as Amazon marketing which uses data for uncovering the products that are in high demand for various categories. The pricing algorithm of Amazon competitively processes these products and heavily bids on ads for attracting customers.

    Google Remarketing Ads

    This is for advertising to people who had previously visited a website or used an app and are in the CRM databases. Showing them the ads again helps them remind them about the products so they could make a purchase decision.

    Common FAQs about Google Retargeting Ads

    To set up Google retargeting ads, you need to choose New Tag Configuration in the Tag Manager. In the respective fields, the Google ads conversion ID and optional Conversion label need to be entered. Then click Triggering and select one or more triggers so that the tag will fire accordingly. Finally, click save for completing the tag setup.

    Paid ads are used in retargeting for the target audience who had earlier visited the website or the social media channel of the company. This reminds them about the brands and shows ongoing offers so that they are convinced to make purchases.

    Retargeting deals with showing ads to potential customers based on their browser cookies but remarketing often connects with the potential customers through email. The user information is collected and a list is created in remarketing so that those can be used for sending sales emails.

    Quality score is taken into account in Google retargeting ads. When a competitor has a high-quality score, the CPC will increase. So when this is high, it indicates better performance of competitors in delivering highly relevant ad campaigns.

    In the dashboard, you need to choose Appearance and then Editor from where the templates can be viewed. The PHP files can be seen on the very right, of which you need to choose footer.php, and close the body tag by scrolling down. Now, place the retargeting pixel directly above this.

    Yes, the simple way of showcasing the best-selling products to the customers is using retargeting ads. If the products loved by the customers are promoted, it can help in converting the visitors to customers and boost ROI.

    Yes, retargeting is effective as it has 10 times better performance compared to regular display ad campaigns. This enhances the brand revenue and acquires new customers, and boosts website awareness.

    CTR is the click-through rate and a good CTR for retargeting is 0.7% when that for the display ads is just 0.07%

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    We help businesses by:

    Understanding what works for your business

    We do this by reviewing your channels for digital marketing and concluding on the areas that require improvement.

    Strategy to help your business grow:

    Our strategies include approaches for scaling your marketing by linking with the business goals.

    Projecting the ROI:

    We can project the expected results, the investments needed and the KPIs for reaching the goals, so you have a clear idea of the growth pathway.

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