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    What is eCommerce Marketing?

    eCommerce marketing involves the use of promotional tactics for boosting traffic to an online store. It converts traffic into paying customers, besides retaining the existing ones and turning them into post-purchase. With the use of digital marketing, eCommerce gains huge revenue by acquiring customers and boosting brand value. The customer base for a brand increases when they go through positive reviews and testimonials from existing customers.

    Why Does Your eCommerce Business Need Online Marketing Services?

    eCommerce businesses need online marketing services to market their products, enhance customer engagement, and build long-term relationships with them.

    Our strategy for Growing Your eCommerce Brand Digital Opulent's strategy for eCommerce growth is as follows:


    Create a strong marketing startegy after thorough market research.


    Website optimisation for mobile devices.

    One-to-one Communication

    Personalised communication with the customers.

    Plan for Content

    Leveraging long-form content for boosting SEO.

    High-Quality Images

    Using top-quality images on an eCommerce site.

    Identify Popular Infulencers

    Work with influencers to enhance brand exposure.

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    Statistics related to eCommerce Marketing

    Some interesting facts related to eCommerce marketing are as follows:



    18% of all retail sales are eCommerce accounts.


    Among the online retail traffic, 61% comes from mobile.


    68% of people Google a product before a purchase decision.

    Why Digital Opulent for eCommerce Marketing Services?

    Here are the reasons why to choose Digital Opulent for eCommerce marketing services:

    1. We have a team of experts who have a wide portfolio of marketing services, including those for eCommerce.
    2. The marketing strategies are made to meet the customer needs and business goals, within the deadline.
    3. Our team sticks to the client’s budget and creates strategies for the best outcomes. We are open to accepting any suggestion from our client if it helps us take a step closer to the goals.
    4. We do thorough market research and understand your requirements to align our marketing efforts accordingly.

    Other eCommerce Marketing Services:

    Besides eCommerce marketing services, Digital Opulent provides the following additional services:


    eCommerce SEO

    eCommerce SEO is the process that enhances the online store’s visibility in search engine results. When people are looking for certain products or services, a high-ranking page would be the first one they would come across.

    International SEO Commerce Content Marketing

    This is the most effective way in which an eCommerce brand differentiates itself from others in the competition. It covers every step of a buyer in his journey and lets the online retailers build strong bonds with the customers.

    eCommerce Email Marketing

    This is a marketing strategy that makes use of email for product promotion to potential customers in an online store.

    eCommerce Youtube Ads

    eCommerce YouTube ads are campaigns meant for creating awareness about a certain brand or a product which is being launched.

    eCommerce Shopping Ads

    These are the visual shopping ads appearing while searching for a certain product or service. It provides detailed information about the product, by going through which, customers can make a purchase decision.

    eCommerce Marketing Automation

    It is the use of software or web-based services for planning, implementation, management and automation of repetitive marketing strategies across different channels, to increase the ROI, optimise costs and get loyal customers.

    Common FAQs about eCommerce Marketing

    The use of promotional tactics for driving traffic to an online store is termed eCommerce marketing. This includes converting the traffic into customers and then retaining them in the long run.

    There are various strategies for doing eCommerce marketing. Some of the popular ideas for doing it are
    upselling the products, integrating Instagram into the eCommerce site, launching the Facebook store, capturing email subscribers, enhancing email campaigns and sending wishlist reminders to the customers, using live chat for visitor engagement, personalisation, product page optimisation, and rewarding loyal customers.

    eCommerce is crucial in digital marketing campaigns as it creates significant revenue by helping the online business acquire customers and also enhances its brand value. Better experience from the existing customers in the form of positive reviews results in expansion of the existing customer base.

    The ROI in eCommerce depends on various factors including the type of business and marketing efforts but in general, it should vary between 25-50% on the eCommerce PPC advertising.

    The experience and expertise of eCommerce marketing firms indicate if it is the best one to rely on. You can check its approach to working, customer reviews, testimonials, and if it can deliver services as per your budget and after-sale services, before deciding if or not to opt for it.

    Here are the steps to be taken for marketing an eCommerce startup:
    1. Coming up with an effective idea.
    2. Identifying the customer needs for choosing a market.
    3. Understanding product viability, i.e the niche product which sells.
    4. Researching the market thoroughly to understand when the product would need the customer’s needs.
    5. Having a clear idea about the existing competitors.
    6. Learning online business law.
    7. Building an online website which is the game changer.
    8. Showcasing the products so customers can go through them and make a purchase decision.
    9. Looking after customer service.
    10. Taking the help of experts and successful online businesses for growth.

    Voice search, chatbots, augmented reality, onsite personalisation for individualised experience, and mobile shopping are the top internet marketing trends, which are suitable for businesses to succeed in eCommerce.

    Inbound marketing helps companies in creating personalised content that the potential customers find relevant. This enhances the overall shopping experience and increases ROI.

    As per US Small Business Administration, 7-8% of the gross revenue should be invested by companies in marketing and advertising.

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    We help businesses by:

    Understanding what works for your business

    We do this by reviewing your channels for digital marketing and concluding on the areas that require improvement.SEO auditing services.

    Strategy to help your business grow:

    Our strategies include approaches for scaling your marketing by linking with the business goals.

    Projecting the ROI:

    We can project the expected results, the investments needed and the KPIs for reaching the goals, so you have a clear idea of the growth pathway.

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