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    What is B2B Lead Generation?

    B2B lead generation is a technique of organically driving prospective customers to an organization. In this, inbound marketing tactics are used for creating awareness and boosting visibility and interest among the target audience. The main aim of B2B lead generation is to create a sales pipeline and this is done by stimulating the buyers’ interest in some products or services.

    Why does your business need Lead Generation Services?

    A business requires lead generation services to boost credibility, trust, visibility and interest among a target group of customers. Thus, this helps in driving high-quality prospects traffic.

    Why does your business need Lead Generation Services?

    A business requires lead generation services to boost credibility, trust, visibility and interest among a target group of customers. Thus, this helps in driving high-quality prospects traffic.

    Our strategy towards Generating Leads Digital Opulent strategy for lead generation includes the following:

    Step 1

    Creating a list of target business contacts, and sending them cold emails and warm calls.

    Step 2

    Keep visitors engaged through remarketing.

    Step 3

    Using live chat to boost engagement.

    Step 4

    Boost website traffic through the use of Google Adwords and SEO, using online forums for lead generation and leads generation ads on Facebook and Twitter.

    Step 5

    Nurturing leads through market automation.

    Step 6

    Optimizing website landing pages.

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    Statistics related to Lead Generation Services Lead generation is ranked by 61% of marketers as the main challenge


    Lead generation is ranked by 61% of marketers as the main challenge


    At least half of the budget is spent on lead generation by 53% of marketers.


     Marketing automation generates more leads and conversions according to 80% of marketers.

    Why DigitalOpulent for B2B Lead Generation Services? Digital Opulent's lead generation services have helped the clients to get qualified leads who have converted and contributed to a significant boost in the organisation's ROI.

    Here are some reasons to rely on Digital Opulent’s services for lead generation:

    1. We have a team of experts with a wide portfolio indicating their work experience with various types of firms in the past years.
    2. Lead generation channels are decided and strategies are made after a thorough examination of the client goals and the target market.
    3. The outcomes of lead generation efforts are monitored at regular intervals to comprehend the progress and make it even better to reach the target before the deadline.

    Our Main Digital+ Tech Services Besides content-creating services, Digital Opulent offers the following additional services to its clients:

    Organic Marketing(SEO)

    It implies the natural placement of the relevant keywords in high-quality content for optimizing the web page. Meta tags are incorporated and backlinking is also done to boost the search engine rankings of a website.

    Paid Advertising(PPC)

    PPC or Pay per click marketing is a type of online marketing in which cost is accrued to the advertisers when users click the ads.

    Social Media Marketing(SMM)

    It is a type of internet marketing in which social media apps are used as marketing tools. The social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others let the brands connect with the audience on this platform to create brand awareness, and boost sales and traffic to the website.

    Retargeting Ads(Google)

    These are ads targeted at people who had previously visited the website but never made a purchase. They work by using “cookies” from web browsers to remind the users about their past visits so they are reminded to buy the products/services.

    Customized Web Development

    It implies customized website solutions for a brand, product or service so the business can have a unique website. This is tailored to a particular brand’s requirements, can evolve in response to changes in the business and has flexibility in hosting.

    Bespoke Web Design

    This is a website that is tailored as per the business demands. Professionals build it and the designers, developers spend time analyzing the requirements, interpreting the brief and working with you at every step for creating the best and unique design.

    Common FAQs about Lead Generation Services

    The technique used by B2B marketers for driving prospective customers to an organisation organically is known as B2B lead generation which involves various inbound marketing tactics.

    The process of B2B lead generation is as follows:

    • Identify the B2B sales leads and reach out to them.
    • Qualify and prospect high-quality leads.
    • Make a sale to close the leads.

    B2B lead generation can be done in the following ways:

    • Create a profile which sells itself.
    • Becoming a thought leader.
    • Provide free tools to B2B leads.
    • Create a group of leads for yourself.
    • Create ads on LinkedIn.

    Lead generation website can be built in the following ways:

    • There has to be a contact number on the website.
    • Ensure ease of access to the lead generation form on every page.
    • Enhance credibility through the use of photos and testimonials.
    • Videos should be effective enough to speak to the viewers.
    • Trust seals are mandatory on a website because it being attractive.
    • Describe the offer with the use of impactful words.
    • Do not use a cookie-cutter site template.
    • Test well to know which works best for your firm.

    Search engines, content marketing and social media are 3 types of B2B lead generation methods.

    Here is how you can use Twitter for B2B lead generation:

    • Use Twitter lists which lets you organise your Twitter feed into targeted topics.
    • Paid ads can be used for targeting followers of competitors.
    • Increase engaging Twitter posts and use live videos.
    • Influencer marketing has to be leveraged

    B2B lead generation generally costs $2500 to $12,000 per month. The exact price depends on the type of industry, lead generation strategies used, and marketing budget.

    Identifying the potential clients and their weaknesses is the main factor that can help in overcoming B2B lead generation challenges. This will help in driving more leads of better quality that will boost sales and improve conversion rates.

    Some of the best B2B lead generation channels are content marketing, direct mail, trade shows, retargeting, field marketing, outbound calling and paid search.

    Let's Get Started Looking for a B2B lead generation services provider for your business that can help you expand your customer base? Check with Digital Opulent today to get assistance from B2B lead generation experts and boost your ROI.

    We help businesses by:

    Understanding what works for your business

    We do this by reviewing your channels for digital marketing and concluding on the areas that require improvement.

    Strategy to help your business grow:

    Our strategies include approaches for scaling your marketing by linking with the business goals.

    Projecting the ROI:

    We can project the expected results, the investments needed and the KPIs for reaching the goals, so you have a clear idea of the growth pathway.

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