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    What is Facebook Marketing?

    Facebook marketing involves brand promotion and maintaining its online presence. This is done through organic or paid postings, interactions and boosted posts. Advertising on Facebook is just like doing it on any other marketing platform such as Twitter, Google, and others. Until you focus on the Return on Ad Spend or ROAS, it is free. Just the ROAS must be kept profitable. Facebook has a wide appeal and hence it has attracted a huge user base that translates to ad revenue.

    Why does your business need Facebook Marketing Services?

    A business needs Facebook ads because it helps the business grow by getting more visibility and high traffic on the website. Such ads efficiently meet greater target site traffic, higher impressions and better click-through rate.

    Why does your business need Facebook Marketing Services?

    A business needs Facebook ads because it helps the business grow by getting more visibility and high traffic on the website. Such ads efficiently meet greater target site traffic, higher impressions and better click-through rate.

    Our strategy towards building your Facebook Marketing Digital Opulent's strategy for building Facebook marketing involves:

    Business Goal

    Understand the business requirement. Based on that select the goal.

    Create Audience2

    First, know which type of ad you wanna run. Then, create the audience list whether it is saved or custom audience.

    Sort Out Creatives

    Make the creatives more interesting with captivating lines. If possible use videos.

    Test & Track the Campaigns

    Check the metrics & based on that take the descision.

    We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.

    Statistics related to Facebook Marketing Some interesting statistics related to Facebook marketing ads are as follows:


    93% of users use Facebook for networking, which makes it the most used social media platform. The largest audience is the age group 25-34 years.


    Facebook is the leading social media platform, reaching 59% of social media users.


    63.7% of the US population  aged 13+ use Facebook.

    Why DigitalOpulent for Facebook Marketing Services?

    Facebook marketing for small businesses or larger ones helps marketers create and spread quality content, that users find relevant and useful. Through this, the sales and customer service representatives are connected with the brands in which they are interested.

    Here are the reasons to opt for Digital Opulent’s Facebook marketing services:

    1. Our team of experts has experience in working with different kinds of business firms for marketing their products.
    2. We understand our client’s business goals and target audience before setting Facebook marketing goals.
    3. Regular tracking and analysis of results after implementing the Facebook marketing strategies, takes us a step closer to our goals.

    Other Social Media Marketing Services Besides Facebook marketing, the additional services offered by Digital Opulent include:

    Facebook ads

    These are used by agencies as well as small businesses for effectively boosting their posts. The majority of the budget is spent on the ad posts and a small amount on boosting these posts.

    Instagram Ads

    These are posts for which business firms make payments for serving their target Instagram users. Such ads generally appear in the Stories, Feeds of users, and Explore sections.

    LinkedIn Ads

    It is a paid marketing tool which provides access to the LinkedIn social network with the use of different sponsored posts and methods. B2B Facebook marketing is quite popular that helps in building leads, getting online recognition, sharing content and others.

    Twitter Ads

    These are the ads that complement the organic content strategy. The promoted or paid content created in the campaigns will appear as Promoted or Follower ads. All these will be exposed to a wide group of audience for better visibility.

    Quora Ads

    Quora is another great advertising platform that is suitable for reaching out to customers who are searching for some product or service. Cost per click is the model on which Quora ads are based and powered by real-time auctions. Once the targeting is set, advertisers can set their CPC bid and adjust it based on performance.

    Pinterest Ads

    These are also known as Promoted pins which are based on the interests of users, their past activity, and actions on a website. It acts as a part of retargeting ads too.

    Common FAQs about Facebook Marketing

    The practice of promoting a brand or maintaining its presence on Facebook is known as Facebook marketing which can be organic as well as paid or boosted posts.

    Facebook marketing can be done by setting goals for Facebook, knowing the target Facebook audience and proactively engaging with them, scheduling Facebook content, determining ad strategy, and tracking and analysing the results.

    There are tools Facebook to cater to the business requirements of establishing genuine relationships with its audience. It creates and promotes content that the audience would find useful and get in touch with the brand easily, catering to its services.

    Generally, Facebook advertising costs 0.94 USD per click or 12.07 USD for 1000 impressions. Billing is done by Facebook either in terms of CPC(cost per click) or CPM(cost per mille) which is also known as cost per 1000 impressions.

    Facebook is a great platform for marketing because it is a popular social media platform having users from different demographics, and helps in reaching customers from any part of the world through highly targeted ads. Finally, it helps in measuring the results of marketing efforts.

    Facebook marketing is worth it when a business wants to reach a wider audience, generate new leads and convert them. Such ads reach the largest potential audience on any social media platform.

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    We help businesses by:

    Understanding what works for your business

    We do this by reviewing your channels for digital marketing and concluding on the areas that require improvement.

    Strategy to help your business grow:

    Our strategies include approaches for scaling your marketing by linking with the business goals.

    Projecting the ROI:

    We can project the expected results, the investments needed and the KPIs for reaching the goals, so you have a clear idea of the growth pathway.

    Stats That Define Digital Opulent Let The Number Speaks For Themselves

    1.8 Billion Billion Impressions since we started 3 Years ago

    900K Conversions across SEO, PPC & Social for our clients

    6.2 Average ROAS across our 100+ Global Clients on SEO, PPC & Social