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    What is Twitter Marketing?

    Twitter is a great marketing platform as businesses can organically promote their brand and related content with the target market with no investment. Marketing on this platform gives brands an amazing scope to expand their reach. It involves the creation, publishing and distribution of relevant and useful content for the buyer personas, audience and followers on the social media platform. Paid ads are also used for better reach to the target audience in direct ways when a firm doesn’t want to wait for organic reach outcomes. Promoted tweets let people discover a business profile even when they are not following the brand or its hashtag.

    Why does your business need Twitter Marketing Services?

    Twitter marketing promotes the business through a word-of-mouth sales approach. Most of the brand followers have a higher probability of purchasing a product after following it on Twitter. Also, the user-generated content can be retweeted, and excellent service experiences can be recommended to others.

    Why does your business need Twitter Marketing Services?

    Twitter marketing promotes the business through a word-of-mouth sales approach. Most of the brand followers have a higher probability of purchasing a product after following it on Twitter. Also, the user-generated content can be retweeted, and excellent service experiences can be recommended to others.

    Our strategy towards building your Twitter Marketing Digital Opulent uses the following strategy for Twitter marketing:

    Step 1

    Using a short, crisp and catchy Twitter handle.

    Step 2

    Reflect brand personality through optimisation of the bio.

    Step 3

    Posting tweets during peak hours, to reach the maximum target audience.

    Step 4

    Boosting engagement through the right use of hashtags.

    Step 5

    >Doing an advanced search for finding people who are interested in your brand.

    Step 6

    Boosting retweets through the use of images in tweets.

    Step 7

    Better engagement through the use of videos in tweets and the creation of polls for interaction with the users.

    Step 8

    Use of CTAs, ad campaigns and getting in touch with more influencers for better exposure.

    We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.

    Statistics related to Twitter Marketing Some interesting facts related to Twitter marketing are as follows:


    Compared to other social media channels, Twitter drives 40% more ROI.


    Marketing launches made on Twitter are2.3x more likely to reach KPIs.


    Viewers spend 26% more time viewing Twitter ads.

    Why Digital Opulent for Twitter Marketing Services? Twitter marketing with Digital Opulent has helped our clients to share information with the target audience quickly and begin a conversation with them.

    Here are some reasons to opt for Twitter marketing services of Digital Opulent:

    1. We have a team of experts who have proven experience in helping firms get better ROI with Twitter marketing.
    2. An in-depth market study is carried out by our team before formulating Twitter marketing strategies.
    3. Twitter ads are created to create maximum impact on the target audience so they convert.
    4. The outcome of marketing efforts is monitored closely to make changes in the strategies for the best outcome.

    Other Social Media Marketing Services Besides Facebook marketing, the additional services offered by Digital Opulent include:

    Facebook Ads

    These are used by agencies as well as small businesses for effectively boosting their posts. The majority of the budget is spent on the ad posts and a small amount on boosting these posts.

    Instagram Ads

    These are posts for which business firms make payments for serving their target Instagram users. Such ads generally appear in the Stories, Feeds of users, and Explore sections.

    Retargeting Ads

    These are specific ads shown to users who had previously visited a website but left without making any purchase. The main intention of such ads is to remind the users about the brand and keep it at the top of their minds when they are searching for something similar.

    LinkedIn Ads

    It is a paid marketing tool which provides access to the LinkedIn social network with the use of different sponsored posts and methods. B2B Facebook marketing is quite popular that helps in building leads, getting online recognition, sharing content and others.

    Quora Ads

    Quora is another great advertising platform that is suitable for reaching out to customers who are searching for some product or service. Cost per click is the model on which Quora ads are based and powered by real-time auctions. Once the targeting is set, advertisers can set their CPC bid and adjust it based on performance.

    Pinterest Ads

    These are also known as Promoted pins which are based on the interests of users, their past activity, and actions on a website. It acts as a part of retargeting ads too.

    Common FAQs about Twitter Marketing

    Promoted tweets and ads are used in Twitter marketing for improving engagement and expanding reach to a wider user group. Also, promoted accounts are designed for increasing the discoverability of brands and get them more followers.

    On Twitter, marketers can use the search function for studying various users and their intent. A brand can provide content on the platform which is not just valuable but also fun and interesting.

    Twitter had an audience who are responsive and ready for engaging. Hence brands find it a great platform for marketing.

    Here are the things to remember while marketing on Twitter:

    • Auditing the Twitter account and finding the Twitter voice.
    • Using hashtags, trends and ads.
    • Know when to tweet and schedule the tweets ahead of time
      Continue engaging with followers.
    • Twitter goals should be measurable and Twitter must be incorporated into the social media content strategy.

    Twitter ads have a different range of average costs. The promoted ads are around $0.25 to $2 per action. Similarly, follower ads have an average cost of $2 to $4 per follow.

    Here are the steps for creating/running Twitter ads:

    • Visit Twitter.com and log onto the account from where you want to promote the tweets.
    • After logging in, visit ads.twitter.com.
    • Choose your country and time zone.
    • Then you will find the campaign setup form or Twitter Promote mode setup based on your choice in the previous step.
    • Now the billing information is to be entered for completing the ads account and beginning the campaign.

    Let's Get Started Looking for Twitter marketing services for your business, to promote your products/ services and reach the maximum target customers? Check with Digital Opulent today to avail of the services from experts and boost your ROI.

    We help businesses by:

    Understanding what works for your business

    We do this by reviewing your channels for digital marketing and concluding on the areas that require improvement.

    Strategy to help your business grow:

    Our strategies include approaches for scaling your marketing by linking with the business goals.

    Projecting the ROI:

    We can project the expected results, the investments needed and the KPIs for reaching the goals, so you have a clear idea of the growth pathway.

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