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    What are International/ Global SEO Services?

    The search engine results for the same search vary for different countries. This is the reason, the SEO approach has to be tailored depending on the target country. International or Global SEO in this case helps in ensuring better visibility of a website in the target country. This results in in better lead generation for the firm.

    Why Does Your Business Need SEO Services?

    SEO services are required for a business to strategically optimise the website and help it rank better in search engine results. When efficiently implemented, it helps a business to gain better exposure and lead generation.

    Why Does Your Business Need SEO Services?

    SEO services are required for a business to strategically optimise the website and help it rank better in search engine results. When efficiently implemented, it helps a business to gain better exposure and lead generation.

    Our strategy for Growing Your Business Organically Digital Opulent uses the following strategy for growing a business organically:

    Zombie Pages

     Remove old/ non-performing pages which are not generating traffic to your business. 

    Research Keywords

    Research the keywords which need to be incorporated into the content.

    Technical SEO

    Work on technical SEO parameters with the help of developer to improve the site performance on Google.

    Content Creation

    Any business need high-quality content which is optimized for Google to rank better on search engines.

    Quality Link-Building

    Still backlinks play a major role in ranking a website on Google. Quality of backlinks is important rather than quantity.

    Set up GA & GSC

    To track the performance on Google it’s mandatory to setup Google Analytics & Google Search Console account.

    We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.

    Statistics related to SEO Services Some interesting facts related to SEO services are mentioned below:


    Currently, 85% of the search engine market is owned by Google.


    67.6% of clicks are on the initial 5 organic search results.


    Organic searches have the best ROI as per 49% of marketers

    How Digital Opulent Grow SEO Services for Global Clients? SEO for International markets is crucial for ranking the pages that are targeted at foreign country markets, higher in search engine results.
    Here are the reasons to opt for International SEO services of Digital Opulent:

    1. We have a team of experts who have experience with working with clients and making their web pages rank higher through international SEO.
    2. Thorough research about the target audience and the requirements of the clients for formulating suitable strategies.
    3. With the use of the right keywords in the right context, we just grab the attention of the right leads, and ensure higher conversion rates.
    4. Transparent and clear communication with the client and incorporating the changes they request.

    Other SEO Services

    Technical SEO

    Process of identifying the technical issues which are related to the web page & fixing them with the help of developer so that all the parameters met according to the guidelines of Google.

    International SEO

    When a business has target customers in various countries across the globe, international SEO is used for optimizing the websites or blogs by determining the countries and the languages which have to be considered.

    Enterprise SEO

    It involves the use of SEO strategies for enhancing a brand’s organic presence and increasing revenue from complex websites with numerous web pages.

    Youtube SEO

    YouTube SEO is a strategy for helping users easily find the channels they are looking for. It is done by optimizing the playlists, metadata and meta descriptions.

    Amazon SEO

    Amazon SEO helps in increasing sales and helping shoppers easily find the products on the website. It is done by optimizing the product listing so they rank higher in the search engine results.

    Organic SEO

    Organic SEO is used for boosting the web page ranking by adding relevant and high-quality content to the websites, backlinks and using keywords and metatags.

    Common FAQs about International SEO

    The process of optimising the websites for the ease of targeting certain countries for business is known as international SEO. Based on the target country, the language is used.

    For doing international SEO, the potential in target countries needs to be estimated first, and the competitive landscape has to be understood. After thorough international keyword research, the brand can be localised and its key technical aspects can be determined for doing international SEO.

    Some considerations while creating SEO international websites are as follows:
    i. Using hreflang HTML attribute so the content’s language is displayed along with the reader’s geolocation.
    ii. Select the right URL structure.
    iii. Focus on on-page experience and the web pages have to be mobile friendly, irrespective of the country that is targetted.
    iv. Machine translation is a big no because the machine won’t find the nuances during the translation and it will hamper the page rankings. So it is better to rely on local translators.
    v. Keywords and SERP vary based on the location despite a universal Google algorithm. For example “football streaming” has different meanings in US and UK. So, this must be taken into account.
    vi. Focus on the content’s expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

    International SEO companies do international eCommerce SEO by building unique keyword strategies, adapting to user behaviours, creating locally relevant content, adding voice search features, and combining SEO with localisation

    International SEO for websites is implemented through estimation of the potential in the target countries, analysing the competitive landscape, conducting keyword research, brand localisation and considering the main technical aspects.

    For better Google or Bing International SEO rankings, you need to answer the questions from customers in the local language of the region in the right context, carefully translate the content, take into account user experience in the marketing strategy, prevent automatic redirection of the users based on their IP address.

    International SEO works by organising and optimising the web pages for allowing search engines to identify countries which are being targeted. Relevant content for the particular location and topic is used, so users find it useful.

    Global SEO is the creation and optimisation of content for reaching audiences in international locations. This is how international users can find your website while searching for some related content even when they are in their home country. This results in good leads from those locations, that convert.

    Global SEO is done by deciding where and who needs to be targeted. The target market has to be picked up first. Understand the needs of the target audience so you could decide if you have to hire an agency for Global SEO services. International keyword research is needed
    along with the right international domain structure. Then the content should be optimised for the region and language.

    Global SEOs ensure that search engines can identify the target countries for your company. It even shows the search engines which languages can better attract customers to the country. Thus, content marketing strategies can be made to meet the requirements of the customers. This will help in getting more leads and thus reduce dependency on other paid marketing techniques.

    Looking for a Global SEO company which can do International SEO marketing for your brand? Get in touch with Digital Opulent today to get assistance from International SEO experts and reach customers in global markets easily, to enhance your ROI.

    Let's Get Started Looking for a local SEO marketing company for your local business? Get in touch with Digital Opulent today to avail its best Google local SEO services.

    We help businesses by:

    Understanding what works for your business

    We do this by reviewing your channels for digital marketing and concluding on the areas that require improvement.

    Strategy to help your business grow:

    Our strategies include approaches for scaling your marketing by linking with the business goals.

    Projecting the ROI:

    We can project the expected results, the investments needed and the KPIs for reaching the goals, so you have a clear idea of the growth pathway.

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