How to fix mobile usability issues in Google search console?

If Google Search Console is reporting mobile usability issues for your website, it means that there are problems with the way your website is displayed or functioning on mobile devices. Here are some steps you can take to fix mobile usability issues:

  1. Identify the specific issues: Go to the “Mobile Usability” report in Search Console and review the specific issues that are being reported. Some common mobile usability issues include text that is too small to read, links that are too close together, and content that is wider than the screen.
  2. Test your website on different devices: Use a mobile emulator or test your website on a variety of actual mobile devices to see how it looks and functions. This can help you get a better understanding of the issues that need to be addressed.
  3. Make changes to your website: Based on the issues you have identified, make changes to your website to improve its mobile usability. This may involve adjusting the layout and design of your website, optimizing images and other media, and improving the overall user experience for mobile users.
  4. Test your changes: After making changes to your website, test it again on different devices to ensure that the mobile usability issues have been resolved.
  5. Monitor your progress: Use the “Mobile Usability” report in Search Console to monitor your progress and ensure that any new issues that arise are addressed.

Fixing mobile usability issues can be an ongoing process, as the needs and expectations of mobile users can change over time. Regularly testing and monitoring your website’s mobile usability can help ensure that it provides a good user experience for all users.

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