What Is a Video Streaming Website?

To understand the whole concept, you should understand what is streaming itself. Streaming is a constant transmission of an audio and video file from a server to the client. In other words, streaming happens when you listen to music or watch videos on the Internet.

You may wonder what’s the difference between streaming and downloading. Downloading requires you to save an entire copy of the file to your device. In other words, you can’t access it until the downloading process is completed. Streaming in its turn loads a file bit by bit without downloading it completely and taking the storage of your device.

Streaming videos are an innovative way to interact with the modern world. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they don’t require our personal presence to communicate with each other. Also, users love the opportunity to participate in any cool worldwide event whenever they want to – of course, remotely.

So the demand is quite explainable, and it remains to provide a supply, namely, a web resource with the video content of proper quality. That’s exactly what Twitch has done by offering a great and successful streaming site solution.

How to use streaming videos?
There are heaps of instances explaining the best way to make use of the live stream website, such as:

live video streaming of all kinds of events (exhibitions, conferences, speeches, etc.);

live broadcast of any sporting events, competitions or video games;

providing the user with his personal broadcasting channel;

IP or home web cameras with the possibility of live video streaming.

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