Why do Core Web Vitals matter?

Core Web Vitals are important because they measure the quality of the user experience for web pages. These metrics focus on three aspects of user experience that are particularly important for the web: loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability.

Poor performance in these areas can lead to a negative user experience, which can result in users leaving a website before they complete their intended tasks. This can lead to lower engagement, lower conversions, and potentially lower revenue for businesses that rely on their websites.

In addition to the impact on user experience, poor performance on Core Web Vitals can also affect a website’s search rankings. Google has announced that it will use the Core Web Vitals as ranking signals in its search algorithms, starting in 2021. This means that websites with poor performance on these metrics may rank lower in search results than other websites that have better performance.

Overall, improving the performance of your website on Core Web Vitals can lead to a better user experience, higher engagement, and potentially higher revenue for your business.

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