What are crawl errors?

Crawl errors are issues that prevent search engines from accessing and indexing a web page is known as. These errors can include broken links, 404 error pages, and blocked resources. Crawl errors can negatively impact a website’s visibility in search results and can also impact the user experience for visitors to the site. Common crawl errors include

  1. 404 (Not Found) error: Occurs when a search engine tries to access a page that doesn’t exist on the website
  2. 410 (Gone) error: Occurs when a page has been permanently removed and should not be accessed by search engines
  3. 500 (Internal Server) error: Occurs when there is a problem with the server that is hosting the website
  4. Redirect errors: Occur when a page is redirected to another page but the redirect is not properly set up
  5. Blocked resources: occur when resources such as images or CSS files are blocked from being accessed by search engines.
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