What are Google Shopping Ads?
If you have ever searched for products online on Google, you must have noticed Google shopping ads, also called Product Listing Ads (PLAs), pop-up along with the search results on your screen. These ads can be explained as paid product-placements that show high-quality images and the other details such as website name, a headline briefly describing the product, availability of stock and discount rate offered, etc.

Over the years, Google shopping ads have gained popularity and become a potent advertising mechanism for several e-commerce platforms. Google shopping ads are perfect for e-commerce optimization as these ads accentuate the product in the search results having clear information about the product, with simplistic and visual appeal. Google displays shopping ads in two ways:

1. On Google Shopping Platform (formerly known as Google Product Search)
2. At the top in the search query (when you search for a specific product)

Both offer a potent medium to showcase your product range directly in the Google search results to grasp the attention of the potential buyer.

Still thinking why you should consider going for Google shopping ads? Check out these top benefits of Google shopping ads to help you decide the preeminent advertising solution for your business.

Top Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

Improved Click-through-rate Results
Channel the Power of Google to Highlight your Brand and Products
Amazing Visibility for Mobile Users
Easier to Manage your Campaign
Effective Photo-based Ad Campaigns
Ability to Customize Multiple Labels
Excellent Reporting for Better Results
Updates your Products Automatically as per Inventory
Greater Return on Investment