Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – they’re the go-to social media platforms for entrepreneurs looking to promote their brand. But, are you missing a trick by ignoring the often overlooked Pinterest? Definitely – and we’re here to equip you with everything you need to know about it –  including why you should use Pinterest for your business, Pinterest marketing tips and ideas, and much more in order to create and execute a killer Pinterest marketing and ads strategy.

About Pinterest:

Born back in 2010, Pinterest is a free social media platform that centers around:

  • Images
  • Sharing
  • Purchasing
  • It has over 300 million monthly global users and boasts over 200 billion Pins. And it gets better. Research by ecommerce platform Shopify found that it was the #2 source of all referral traffic to their site, that 93 percent of users were using it to plan their purchases, and that the average resulting order value was$50 (higher than any other social media source).

    Impressive stats for a corkboard.

    Put simply, it is a huge marketing opportunity for eCommerce stores.


What Is Pinterest?
Pinterest is that corkboard you used to own with that tropical beach postcard, that untested magazine recipe, and that photo of Leonardo Dicaprio (or was that just us?) pinned to it, but gone digital.

Corkboard, moodboard, inspiration board… it is the digital planning platform (available on both mobile and desktop) for people to discover, share, and organize creative ideas from around the World Wide Web.

Why Use Pinterest?
Aside from the impressive facts already mentioned, there are tons of great reasons that your ecommerce business should be on Pinterest, use Pinterest ads, and have a Pinterest marketing strategy.

Here are our top reasons why you should be using Pinterest:

To stay competitive: Two-thirds of all Pins are from a business website. Big brands use it, small brands use it, your competitors use it and, most importantly, your potential customers use it.
To become more discoverable: Pins make you and your products discoverable and since every Pin links back directly to the original source, the potential for driving traffic is huge. No wonder leveraging Pinterest is one of the most effective dropshipping secrets.
Engage with your customers: It provides you with an opportunity to engage with potential and current customers and to gain invaluable insights into their lives, likes, and loves.
For the love of SEO: SEO is essential for driving you up Google’s rankings and making you discoverable; Pinterest is a powerful tool with regards to this..
Helps build your brand image: It builds and reinforces your brand image. From regularly appearing on your followers’ homepages, to creating Boards that reflect your brand identity; it is the perfect platform to tell customers who you are and what you’re about, visually.
Pinterest content lasts longer: Facebook posts and Twitter tweets come and go; Pins stick by you for life. They’re searched for, found, and repinned over time. Pinterest content doesn’t fade like it does on other social media platforms. Simply put, the content lasts longer.
For inspiration: One main reason to use Pinterest is for inspiration. People want to find and share ideas, which shows that there’s good potential to find a new brand, concept, or product, through Pinterest.
It’s free: For the moment, Pinterest is free to use. Like many other social channels, Pinterest is also exploring options for paid and promoted Pins, but for now, the platform is free to use, which means that your brand can enjoy significant organic reach through Pinterest advertising. 

How To Use Pinterest:

Pinterest is fairly simple to use. On Pinterest users can: 

Create Boards : Boards are used to organize and categorize Pins (don’t worry, we’ll get to these next). People use Boards to collect new bathroom ideas, vacation locations, to help plan their weddings, and to curate their ultimate wish-lists. Boards enable users to gather their Pins  logically, and beautifully, all in one place. Plus, Boards can be divided up into sections, to make them even more organized.

Save Pins : Pins are ideas, images, products, recipes…anything that users find on the web and save onto their aesthetically pleasing categorized Boards. Users can create their own Pins, or repin other’s Pins, and put them on a Board of their choosing.

Follow  :  Much like other social media platforms, users can follow people and businesses to see what they pin, what Boards they’re creating and what they’re liking so that they can like it too. Copycats.

Discover  : The homepage and feed is the place to discover what followers are doing and what the platform thinks users will be interested in, based on their own Pins and Boards. Here, users can also search for keywords to seek inspiration, re-pin and discover users that they might want to follow, i.e. you.

Click  : Users click on Pins to be transported directly to the blogs, product pages, and websites behind the Pin itself, i.e., a Pin is a direct link to your website.