Elevate Your Brand Voice and Generate Leads with LinkedIn Marketing Services

With more than 500 million active users across the globe, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest professional network. Are you harnessing the potential of LinkedIn PPC to reach the target audience and drive more visitors to your site? Partnering with Digital Opulent Marketing can help!

We offer a range of LinkedIn PPC services, enabling brands to target the ads specifically to their audience and connect with them – leading to better engagement and increased sales. We create multiple ads for each LinkedIn PPC campaign along with the most eye catching headlines, attractive images and strong calls to action so that you get the maximum number of click-through rates and conversions. To get the best out of your budget and deliver ads to a relevant audience, we create ads based on Location, Age, Gender, Job Title, Job Function, Company Name, Company Size, Industry and LinkedIn Group.


Text ads: Text-based ads that show up in the right column or at the top of the page on LinkedIn.
Video ads:  Video ads that show up in LinkedIn’s news feed.
Single image ads (formerly Sponsored Posts):  Single image ads that show up in LinkedIn’s news feed.
Carousel image ads: Ads with two or more images that show up in LinkedIn’s news feed.
Message ads : Ads delivered to your target audience’s LinkedIn message inbox.
Lead form ads : Ads that collect lead information right without ever leaving the platform.
Job ads:  Promote an open position at your company and collect applicant data.
Spotlight ads: Ads that are personalized using profile data and will promote an offering throughout the desktop.
Follower ads: Ads that are personalized using profile data and will promote a company’s page throughout the desktop.


Types of LinkedIn Ads We Create:

  • Sponsored Content

    By sponsoring your content, we can help you spread the word about your brand across all platforms like desktop, smartphone and tablet, and drive qualified traffic to your site.

  • Sponsored InMail

    We help you create personalizes, valuable messages and deliver it right in your prospects’ LinkedIn Inboxes – keeping the audience engaged and driving more conversions.

  • Dynamic Ads

    To help you target key decision makers and influencers, we create personalized ads that dynamically appear as per your audience’s activity.

  • Display Ads

    To drive customer engagement and brand awareness, we can help you run desktop display campaigns.

  • Text Ads

    We can help you set up and manage campaign for Text Ads, driving qualified leads within your budget.

Elevate Your Brand Voice and Generate Leads with LinkedIn Marketing Services

Digital Opulent Marketing specializes in helping both B2B and B2C brands in creating effective and optimized ad campaigns to promote their products and services, and target millions of professionals across LinkedIn. We support right from setting up LinkedIn ad campaigns to managing it at regular intervals, ensuring you get optimum return on investment.

This is how we set up your LinkedIn Ad campaign:

Create a New Ad Campaign

This includes creating a unique name for the ad campaign for easier identification, selecting language and choosing if it is a basic text ad or a video ad.

Write LinkedIn PPC Ad Copy

Our team of copywriters creates precise and engaging ad copies that compel the readers to visit your targeted landing page, helping you drive more traffic and increase conversions. We keep in mind the following aspects:

    • Headline: We create to-the-point and relevant headline of each ad campaign, ensuring it doesn’t exceed the limit of 25 characters.
    • Ad Body: We write relevant LinkedIn ads of up to 75 characters, generating higher click through rate.
    • Call to Action: We add effective CTAs like “Click Now to Get Free Sample”, “Download the eBook now”, etc., convincing readers to take the desired step.

Choose Relevant Targeting Option

To ensure that your ad is seen by a specific and relevant group, we target the campaign by company, job title, geography, skills, group, school, age and gender.

Set Your LinkedIn Marketing Budget

Depending on your marketing goals and budget, we set up a daily budget – ensuring it helps you target a specific audience while not putting a hole in your pocket. We also adjust the bid pricing regularly.

LinkedIn Ad Reporting

Our LinkedIn PPC experts track the progress of each campaign, providing valuable insight about your clicks, CTR, spend, etc.